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"Drayage Isn't Easy"

The intermodal trucking market is constantly changing, and to be great you need technology that can change with it. The most effective way to grow your business is with a solid technology platform that knows how to keep you from losing money.

For the better part of the last 15 years, we have been working with some of the best drayage trucking operators in the business, to develop one of the top intermodal trucking platforms on the market. Our integrated platform centralizes the core operations of your business, and gives you insight to all aspects in one location. One of the best parts of CoreOne is that we are cloud-based so you and your staff can work from anywhere!

So if you are looking to scale your operation or overall want to keep more of the money you are already making Contact US!

Order Entry & Dispatch

CoreOne has the easiest trip creation on the market. This allows for the quick on-boarding of your staff with little training. User-friendly screens and processes speed up day to day tasks of your users, while allowing them to observe all aspects of your operation to make more intelligent decisions about your freight.

Customer Billing & Driver Payroll

Integrated Real Time access to order and dispatch information, allows for faster processing, less duplication, and fewer errors in the Customer Billing and Driver/Owner-Operator payroll process. Invoices get paid faster and drivers have less questions on payday.

Safety & Driver Management

Manage drivers and equipment in one application. Reports and notifications right at your fingertips.

Smart Screen logic builds years of knowledge into the Order Entry and Dispatch operation of the platform.  Money saving notifications are embedded.

Some of these items include.

Order Entry
  • Easy to Use Trip Building makes data-entry fast and accurate
  • Easy Search History
  • Customer customization allows for fewer billing errors and lost time in processing.

  • Flexible Trip structure allows for resolution of complex move requirements
  • Actions Dispatch Notifications help dispatchers stay on top of high activity freight demands
  • Multi-Terminal capabilities
  • Dispatch Team Coordination
  • Single Click Driver Communications

POD J1 and Other Document Management

Without documents its tough to get paid! CoreOne gives all phases of your business access to trip documents for faster billing. No more pulling paper copies stored in filing cabinets back at the office.

Customer Billing

You can add any service you want or edit the ones that are already listed. Supports Direct Billing Factoring Customizable Customer Billing Option

Owner Operator Payroll

Direct integration to trip data allows for no duplication and fewer data entry errors. CoreOne also supports Fuel Card Integrations, Plate Programs, Driver Deductions and more!

Integrated Driver & Safety information is a must in today's modern trucking world.

Your information needs to be real time and all stored in one place to help your staff make the right decisions in a timely manor.

Gaps in this area can cost you money and possibly allow great talent to walk right out the door.

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